Fun & Free Things to Do in Melbourne

Travel enthusiasts will never run out of fun and free things to do in Melbourne. Being the capital city of Victoria state, Melbourne attracts countless local and foreign tourists every year. With its glory and grandeur as a first-class metropolis, the place that is referred to as the “Garden City” certainly has a lot to offer the average tourist. For those who are looking for a budget-saving escapade, here are 5 fun and free things that you can relish in Melbourne, Australia:

1. Be one with nature at the Royal Botanic Gardens.
This free attraction in Melbourne is known for its extensively landscaped gardens. The 35-hectare site features a slew of diverse flora from Australia and other parts of the world. Here, you can enjoy an easy stroll while appreciating the beauty of nature.

2. Visit the world-famous Queen Victoria Market.
Checking out the Queen Victoria Market is one of the fun and free things to do in Melbourne. This place is regarded as the biggest open-air market in the southern hemisphere. Myriad of stores here offers fresh products from the farm. Apart from being a bazaar venue, Queen Victoria Market is a notable landmark in Australia that dates back more than 120 years.

3. Behold the wonderful works at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.
Make the most of your visit at the Federation Square by seeing the exhibits in this top-notch Melbourne center. Its Screen Gallery that showcases an impressive collection of screen-based art is, indeed, a sight to behold. You’ll certainly be amazed with the display inside the center, including Australian film, television, interactive installations, and computer animation.

4. Meet new friends at the Flinders Street Station.
Considered as one of the most important landmarks in central Melbourne, this station is a popular rendezvous point for a lot of people. The place boasts of an elaborate Victorian architecture and is home to large clock faces. Instituted in the late 19th century, the Flinders Street Station was believed to be the busiest suburban railway station in the Australia.

5. Learn more about art at the National Gallery of Victoria.
For culture and art lovers, this attraction is a place to see. National Gallery of Victoria shelters an extensive international collections created by some of the biggest personalities in art all over the world. This haven of artistry and creativity is open for public viewing and is located at St. Kilda Road.

These attractions in Melbourne do not require certain fee, so tourists will definitely enjoy your vacation. With all these fun and free things to do in Melbourne, you’ll get to experience a fun-filled city escapade.

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