Fun & Free Things to Do in Sao Paulo, Brazil

There are plenty of things to do in Sao Paulo, Brazil if you’re on a nonexistent budget. Sao Paulo owns the claim to the title of Brazil’s biggest metropolis, and unsurprisingly, it’s teeming with life. Unfortunately, Sao Paulo has gotten a bad reputation for being dangerous. However, if you play your cards right you should have no shortage of free things to do in Sao Paulo.

1. Ibirapuera Park
Many people’s first impression of Sao Paulo is negative due to the massive amounts of concrete and its seemingly endless grey buildings. A trip to Ibirapuera Park will put any negative feelings to rest. Show up on the weekend to hear an open-air concert in the park.

2. Mercado Municipal
You don’t have to spend a single real to enjoy the hustle and bustle of Mercado Municipal, Sao Paulo’s largest market. Here you’ll find a huge variety of goods, many of which will undoubtedly catch your eye. And remember, haggling’s free as long as you don’t buy anything!

3. Tour a Favela
Due to the immense poverty in these neighborhoods (called Favelas in Portuguese), it would be wrong to call Favela tours a tourist attraction. Still though, you actually can pay some tour operators to take you through a Favela. If you find that to be in poor taste, a better option is to volunteer to work there through a reputable organization like to American Society of Sao Paulo. This is one of the things to do in Sao Paulo, Brazil that you’ll never forget.

4. Pixacao
Pixacao is a unique style of graffiti native to Sao Paulo, and is generally done as a social criticism related to the city’s high levels of poverty and inequality. One of the best places to see Pixaco is at an alleyway called Beco de Batman in the Vila Madalena neighborhood.

5. Serra da Cantareira
If you’re looking to escape the city center for a bit, taking the 30 minute trip to Serrra da Cantareira is a fantastic option. The region is famous for its fresh water caverns that have been used by travelers for hundreds of years. Follow the trail up to Pedra Grande for breathtaking views of Sao Paulo city below.

Sao Paulo is filled to the brim with life and energy, and it’s waiting for you to explore it. No matter how low your budget, you will find tons of things to do in Sao Paulo, Brazil that are worth remembering.

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