GPS on ski map by Maprika: Every Skier Must Have This

The world is so big. And there are so many places to see. So many mountains where you can ski at the speed of the wild wind. And GPS on Ski map by Maprika will help you with that aspiration. It knows a lot about ski resorts. And even more.

Campers, cycling tourists, skiers, hitchhikers, etc. can rely upon Maprika during their pilgrimage.

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Stay on track

This application is a pure genius, so to say, when it comes to maps: more than 10. 000 maps can be installed through it on your mobile device. That’s what the maprika maps download looks like:

  1. Launch the app and tap on All Maps section.
  2. The World map will appear.
  3. Search for the red markers with letter M – these are the installable Maprika maps.
  4. Alternatively, you can do this:
  5. Tap on All Maps.
  6. Select Nearby category – it will browse cities, resorts, campuses, etc. near you.
  7. Scroll down until you find a particular location you’re interested in.
  8. When you find one – tap on it.
  9. The installation will you ensue immediately.

However, you should know that some of the maps from Nearby can be a bit archaic and dated back to the funky ’70s. If you happen to stumble upon an antique map, it is recommended to search for the same location in one of the supported online map-services:

  • Google Road, Satellite, Terrain.
  • Bing Road & Satellite.
  • USGS Topo.
  • OpenCycleMap.
  • OpenStreetMap.

And so forth.

If you’re a well-seasoned adventurer or you intend to be a discoverer and go to a poorly known place – you can design your map. Apply pictures from the Gallery of your phone, photos original or borrowed from the web, commentaries, warnings, etc. You can even draw a map by hand if you’d like – Maprika allows that too.

Apart from ski resorts you can also find useful intel on landmarks, bicycle tracks, search for a place where to eat, find a hotel address or choose the shortest way to your destination.

Besides Maprika has got your back if you run out of mobile traffic or end up in a place, where the signal cannot be found. Before you set out on a journey, select the area where you’re going to roam and save the selection on your smartphone.

Laconic simplicity

Maprika has a clean and intuitive interface that won’t make you scratch your head, while you’ll be trying to learn its ins and outs. All the key features are hidden in the so-called hamburger menu, and there are only three sections to choose from. Besides you get to use a nice compass and altitude meter.

But Maprika, just like any other app, has its own imperfections. First and foremost it doesn’t go easy on the battery life – if the GPS is turned on, be prepared for it to drain soon. Another issue users struggle with is that the mobile outlay of the app isn’t well accustomed to the likes of iPad – the picture becomes a bit stretchy.

Final Thoughts

GPS on Ski map by Maprika is a humble workhorse. It cannot brag of a cornucopia of fancy features, like traffic jam alerts. And it doesn’t need them, for it has a lot already: a massive map collection, user-powered maps, offline mode, Twitter feeds, GPS-tracking, campuses/cafes/businesses info and even local weather forecasts.

GPS on Ski map by Maprika is a helping hand when it comes to all types of travel. And the fact that it’s totally free of charge makes Maprika even more attractive.

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